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Love at First Sight: Sonal Kukereja loves Saadgi!

Love at First Sight: Sonal Kukereja loves Saadgi!


Sonal Kukereja is a name that's become synonymous with grace and beauty. The Indian model and beauty pageant titleholder gained widespread recognition when she was crowned LIVA Miss Diva Supranational 2023, earning the honor of representing India at the prestigious Miss Supranational 2024 pageant set to take place in Poland on 17 July 2024. However, what truly sets Sonal Kukereja apart is her deep-rooted love for "Saadgi"– The brand that represents simplicity and authenticity, particularly when it comes to ethnic wear.

In a world full of clutter, and noise,

A quiet beauty that holds a special poise.

It's minimalism, a gentle, serene art,

A way of living that sets my soul apart.

Why Sonal Loves Saadgi?

Well, it's fashion!

You know minimalism(Saadgi) has become the new black for the fashion industry. And not that for a short haul. Minimalism in the fashion industry has taken its place by storm. Minimalism draws a perfect line between style and sophistication. Investing in high-quality garments that will last for years, and at the same time getting creative designs introduced to your outfit. 

Sonal Kukereja is no stranger to the fashion industry, she has a different refreshing approach toward modern fashion trends and designs. Her thought on today’s fashion industry is that the true elegance lies in simplicity. Her love for ethnic wear is a testament to her appreciation of the cultural heritage. This is why Sonal trusts Saadgi.

With a wide range of categories, Saadgi introduces the beauty of simplicity in the industry. We believe in our traditional values, as they are an essential part of our identity. Introducing tradition, and simplicity to modern fashion designs is what we are working towards. We are more than proud to design outfits that are loved by millions. 

Meet Shagun!

“I have always had a strong passion for design, and the philosophy of finding joy in life’s simple things carries over into my design principles.

They say every artist needs acknowledgment to thrive- and I am fortunate to have the unwavering support of my friends and family. Watching my friends wearing and appreciating my designs and getting married to a family having roots in the garment industry, was a sign for me.

That's when Saadgi was born – a simple yet elegant solution for your everyday clothing needs.”

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